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Nothing Is Wasted: The Story Of Tsi

What drives you to do what you do? Where do your passions come from? What situations have you endured that have become a part of “your story” and have been redeemed to help others? We all have them. As Richard Rohr has said, “Nothing is wasted.” That is certainly true of Tsi, a fourteen-year-old girl we met on our third day in Ethiopia. World Vision wanted us to meet her because she has an inspirational story of survival and rescue, and also because they wanted us to see, first hand, what World Vision is doing to save lives.

Tsi, a beautiful teenager, (not unlike one of my own five daughters) is being raised by her mother and grandmother. Read more…

To Ethiopia With World Vision, Who Are They?

World Vision Ethiopia - 147_2As you may know, Mike and I just got back from a trip to Ethiopia with World Vision. My brain, and my heart, are still in a bit of shock, but I’m sorting through our experiences so I can share a couple of them with you. But, before that, I thought it’d be helpful to let you into the heart and soul of World Vision.

I’m embarassed to say that Mike and I knew very little about World Vision before we left. We thought we knew who they were—we have seen their ads, heard their appeals and have sponsored children with them—but when we were with them, up close and personal, we realized that we knew virtually nothing about them. Read more…