Dinner for Three and a God-Wink

Dinner for Three and a God-Wink

Michael proudly displaying his catch. Our daughter, Marissa,
took this unretouched photo on Michael’s iPhone 5 camera.

We went trout fishing last night in the little pond close to our cabin and Michael nabbed these three beauties for supper. It was a GORGEOUS evening.

There was a rain storm on the mountains off to the southwest, creating the most amazing, everchanging scenes—moving shafts of sunlight, highlighting various portions of mountain forests and flat, sagey valleys below. The sky above our pond was constantly changing as well. Every couple of minutes one of us would say, “Stop. Look at the sky now.”

So, we’d pause from our focused task, and look up, admiring the varieties of blue-grays overhead, the formations of the clouds, and the position of the sun with its resulting shadows. Glorious.

But once we had our catch for the night, posed Michael for the obligatory see-what-I-caught pic, and positioned the camera to get the final shot of the day, we saw something which nearly dropped us to the ground in awe.

The sky had turned a magnificent, swirling display of salmons, tangerines, melons, lemons, violets, lavenders and cotton candy. It had rallied in the few seconds it took to set the picturing-taking scene. The reflection in the glassy waters doubled the intensity.

It’s beauty lasted only as long as it took to snap five or six poses and then, as quickly as it had apperared, it was gone. The sun disappeared behind the ridge leaving only a few whispers behind to confirm its presence had been with us.

Hardly able to accept what we had experienced, we huddled over the camera to validate it’s reality. Yep, captured there, in the camera’s veiwfinder, proof postive, for all eternity, was dinner for three and a God-wink.

Glory to God.

Sunset on Shaddock Pond (untouched iPhone photo)

This is the sunset on Shaddock Pond. It was also taken
by Marissa, but on her own iPhone 4 (unretouched)


QUESTION: Sometimes we have to go hunting for treasures. Other times they’re just dropped into our lap. Either way, I like to think of them as winks from God. What God-Winks have you experienced recently?

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29 Responses to “Dinner for Three and a God-Wink”

  1. It’s amazing how God works, isn’t it? I am so thrilled that you’ve had the opportunity to meet my dad and Louise. They’re pretty incredible. I shared your post with them and I’m sure they are happy to see that the power of God winks has had such a powerful impact on you.

    Happy Fourth!


  2. Hi Robin,

    I’m delighted to hear from you. Yes, now I remember hearing about the concept of a Godwink from your dad.

    I remember meeting him and Louise when Michael was at Thomas Nelson. I think it was in LA, but I’m not sure.

    I loved the idea of a Godwink and must have buried it deep within my heart. Thank you for reminding me that it was from your dad that I first heard it.

    Here’s to six degrees and an awesome God,


  3. Hi Gail,

    Loved your post! Here’s another Godwink for you. I am the assistant promotional strategist for the 2013 Global Leadership Summit. As Michael is a past speaker, that is how I stumbled upon his blog.

    While reading his blog, I learn that he used to be at Thomas Nelson, which published several of SQuire Rushnell’s books from the When God Winks series. SQuire is my dad! Talk about six degrees of separation.

    Robin (Rushnell) Taney

  4. Thank you so much for posting this gorgeous picture. God is so creative.

  5. That must have been remarkable! Thanks.

  6. Wow, Gail, what a beautiful picture. There’s nothing like spending time with family in a beautiful place. It’s like all the beautiful parts of life coming together at one time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Gail for sharing that glorious beauty, a God-wink for sure! Recently my don’s friend caught one on her phone camera right on the back of the flooding in Alberta. – clouds coming together to form a heart in the sky and the glorious rays of light flowing through the center! It took my mind right to the rainbow and Noah and God’s promise. Act of God they tagged the floods, but no it wasn’t cause He promised He won’t!. (BLINK) His wink of love to us here I think, a reminder He keeps His promises. Thanks Gail for sharing. Blessings to you.

  8. I love your style of writing, Gail. Hope everyone has a wonderful time at the cabin.

    Thanks for introducing me to the term God-wink (and for Julie above for God-show). I’m going to use (and tune it) liberally.

  9. Gail,

    I sometimes wonder how God feels when He brings all His creativity and beauty to bear on a sunset and then watches most of us rush by it so that we can get to the mall, or Starbucks, or a movie theater.(Which by the way, the theater is a place whose special effects could never begin to rival God’s.)

    Your post is a reminder to me to stop. And look. And applaud.

  10. Awesome picture and moment. My husband I had a similar event last night. We were on our 5th floor balcone overlooking the beautiful Bermuda ocean in the distance while the sun was setting. There was a billowing cloud with the Sun-rays spaying upward like a brilliant funnel. Very cool, thanks for sharing. 😉 Dawn

  11. I do think he’d love to! He’s had a hard time getting momentum on his writing, so I know he’s feeling a little anxious about that, but he’d also love to fish with you. Let’s check in, in couple of days.

  12. I had a similar moment tonight after a Louisiana rain storm. The sky was shades of pink and melon colored. The stillness was magnificent. I was consumed by our Oneness. I too took a photo as capturing life through photos and writing is how I try to share Life’s treasures. Enjoy your trip.

  13. I see this becoming your next painting! Gorgeous!

  14. Great story. Love it.

  15. Smile. Waving from the other side.

  16. Beautiful post and pictures. Pretty sure we were on the other side of the same storm watching it from my hammock with my oldest daughter. God wink…love that.

  17. Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. The picture is exquisite; the story behind it is a “stop-and-think” one! Thank you for both! God knows I’m sometimes a little too slow on the draw to catch His winks, so He gave me a lengthy view of a full double rainbow last week immediately after I had been on my knees asking that, just like He had done with Noah, he might give me a reminder that He would fulfill His promises. My extended God-wink actually made me laugh out loud and reply audibly, “Okay—I get it!” Thanks again, Gail. (And keep blogging, PLEASE!)

  19. I’ve felt like that too. So awesome.

  20. God-show. I love that!

  21. Name (required) June 29, 2013 at 10:25 am



    God can’t be overdone…………what a gorgeous picture.

  22. No, he was using an ultra-light, open-face, spinning reel. He also loves to fly fish.

  23. Thank you for sharing. “God-wink” is a new term to me also. You didn’t mention whether or not Mr. Hyatt was fly fishing. Extra props if that’s the case!

  24. Cathy Parsons June 29, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Looks like you have a new picture to paint. Unbelievably gorgeous:)

  25. Gorgeous photos, Gail! I talk about God’s treasures as a God-show. It is aired continuously; we just need to tune into it. Looks like you found a restful place for a writing sabbatical. May you catch more of God’s winks. Blessings.

  26. I just had one this morning, Gail! I was sitting on my back deck drinking coffee, and a breeze stirred through the trees. I felt like I was listening to them whisper praises to God, then I noticed the crickets (or some bug!) lifting their praise noises, and so of course I lifted my own praises in that beautiful moment.

    I had never heard the term God-wink before, but now I know that’s exactly what it was.

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