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Productivity and Creativity at 30,000 Feet

What does flying in an airplane make possible? I’m about to land in Austin. The flight from Dallas to Austin is just under an hour. In the twenty minutes that we could have our computers out, I wrote this blogpost.

The flight from Nashville to Dallas was about two hours. Just enough time to get some significant work done. Read more…

How to Pack Your Hanging Clothes

Our dear friend, Anne Jackson, moved out yesterday. She’s been staying with us for a couple of months while looking for a place to live in Nashville. While lugging one load after the other to her car, I mentioned to her that I knew of a great way to transfer hanging clothes—especially if they’re going to be packed in a car. Read more…

A Little Help Around the House

There is one thing that we all have in common. We can all use a little more help around the house. It doesn’t matter if we’re male or female, if we’re single or married, if we have a million kids or if we’re retired and back to an empty nest. We can always use a little help.

Well, I may have found a solution. It’s inexpensive, but it does take some time—investment on the front end. Take a look and dream of the possibilities. (Pay attention @NelsonHyatt.)



(I want to thank my big brother, Karl Bruce, for sharing this video with me. Good job!)

Thumbnail Photos For Your Posts

gravatar-logo-thumbI am a Kindergartner when it comes to computer technology. Over the last few days I have learned a lot and may even be ready for the First Grade. Yipee! One of the areas I have learned about—which for you Second Graders is SO last year—is how to get a thumbnail photo to appear when you leave a comment on someone’s blog post.

I love to see who is leaving the comments after other people’s posts. Now that I have a blog of my own, I especially want to see who is talking to me. And I love when there is a face to go with the name. Sadly, many of the comments that have been left on my site have no face. (When someone doesn’t have a customized photo, or “avatar,” WordPress calls them Mystery Men.) So, for all you “Mystery Men” out there I’m going to show you how I got my avatar two days ago so you can get one, too.

By the way, you will need two thing before you begin. You will need an email address and a photo. So go to your photos and pick out one you’d like to use and remember where it is. You will need to “choose” it during the process.

Here is what I have learned from Gravatar, the company who makes them:
Read more…