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My Two Cents: Why Seth Godin Shouldn’t Quit

An open letter to Seth Godin in resonse to his post Moving On.

Dear Seth,

I’m up early this morning, before Michael. And next to his reading chair is your little book THE DIP. Inside the book is wedged a yellow highlighter. When he’s done with this book, and all the highlights have been captured, it will slide into it’s place next to all the others on the Seth Godin  section of our bookshelf. These books get pulled out from time to time and blue highlighter marks may be added to the already present yellow ones. Later pink lines may join them.

Your books are read and reread. Sometimes they’re sent out on “mission trips” or get taken to spend a week with a friend. Most return home with a thank-you note stuck inside, some choose to relocate permanently. From there who knows where their journey takes them. Read more…